Pipe Wrap/fittings In Igom.ce

PIPE WRAP/FITTINGS IN IGOM.CE are suitable for connecting protruding pipes with the waterproofing membrane and can be used with all kinds of APP, SBS modified bituminous membranes as well as liquid bitumen coatings.

This particular item has been studied right down to its smallest details so as to optimize its characteristics thus eliminating problems caused by traditional drains available in the market.

The drain is made from IGOM.CE, a specially formulated compound of synthetic rubbers realized by ITALPROFILI ® that allow to obtain high physical, chemical and technical properties as well as a flexible product.

Lexo me shume

IGOM.CE is highly resistant to UV rays, ozone and other atmospheric and chemical agents. It can be used in a wide temperature range as it is extremely flexible at low temperatures and stable over time thanks to its physical and mechanical properties, which therefore assure maximum performance throughout its lifespan. The drain consists of a truncated body available in various diameters solidly attached to the ribbed flange area all made from the same materials to facilitate adhesion of the membrane.