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Air Vents/Vapour Extractors In PVC-P

The AIR VENTS/VAPOUR EXTRACTORS IN PVC-P are particularly suitable for use with PVC-P waterproofing membranes.

This particular item has been studied right down to its smallest details in fact, the unit has optimal characteristics that help eliminate serious and typical problems that can appear on a waterproofed roof caused by an imperfect evacuation of vapours, imperfect ventilation or use of incorrect air vents/vapour extractors: swelling of the membrane, moistening of the insulating layer causing a subsequent reduction or loss of original properties.

The Air vents/vapour extractors are made from a flexible and UV stabilized PVC-P.

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They offer high physical, chemical and technical properties as well as a flexible product. It is highly resistant to UV rays, ozone and other atmospheric and chemical agents. It can be used in a wide temperature range and is extremely flexible at low temperatures, it is stable over time thanks to the physical and mechanical properties, which therefore assure maximum performance throughout its lifespan.

The Air vents/vapour extractors consist of a protruding body of various diameters directly attached to a smooth large flange. The air Vents/vapour extractors are designed and patented by ITALPROFILI® and are one of the most effective ventilation systems as they allow for the total evacuation of vapour build-up under the waterproofing layer.