Anti-Backup Roof Drain In TPO

The ROOF DRAIN IN TPO is one of the most valid systems for connecting rainwater pipes and drains on flat roofs, gutters of multi-pitched roofs and industrial buildings. It is used for application on roofs waterproofed with TPO membranes.

This particular item has been studied right down to its smallest details so as to optimize its characteristics thus eliminating problems caused by traditional drains available in the market. The drain is made of soft, flexible and UV stabilized TPO.

It offers high physical, chemical and technical properties as well as a flexible product. It is highly resistant to UV rays, ozone and other atmospheric and chemical agents. It can be used in a wide temperature range and is extremely flexible at low temperatures, it is stable over time thanks to the physical and mechanical properties, which therefore assure maximum performance throughout its lifespan.

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The drain consists of a truncated body available in various diameters solidly attached to a smooth flange.

The stem piece of the unit has two or more strategically placed circular ribs which face outwards which when forced into the drain pipe prevent backing-up of water forming a perfect seal.

The seal rings are compressed upwards when inserted into the downpipe guaranteeing an optimal seal with any type of pipe.

The presence of the external seal rings avoid the passage of water vapour or back-up water into the roofing build-up, this is particularly important where insulation is involved as it could compromise the insulation, factor that constitutes one of the main problems in roof waterproofing.